Craniosacral therapist

Facial massage therapist

Marina Kharitonova


I am very happy to invite you for craniosacral therapy sessions.

I chose to become a Biodynamic Craniosacral practitioner following the life changes I experienced as a client through this modality: a new sense of balance which allowed me to see my life in a positive way; a return to the “real” me.

Human 2.0

With an IT and Fine Art background, I appreciate the elegance of the craniosacral approach to the human health – the holistic vision of the health in the human body (which in itself can be compared to the universe). This approach to working with the whole, rather than the part, inspires me to look for ways to reach our full limitless potential.

It is a miracle to witness this initial health unfolding itself in a client’s system during the session. It is a privilege to acknowledge that each of us is a beautiful fractal part of the Whole.

It is endless and incredibly interesting discovery. I hope you will join me in this journey.

Looking forward to seeing you for session!

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