by Larisa Vitvinova


Intensive facial massage

Deep relaxation

Anti-aging face and décolleté manual modelling

Sessions in Albany (Auckland)

FACIAL MASSAGE: Initial session
100$ (FREE diagnostics + 60 min session)

FACIAL MASSAGE: Following session
100$ (60 min)


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Deep and intensive manual work with facial muscles, joints, ligaments, fasciae, deep and superficial fats for deep relaxation and anti-aging effect. Non-invasive method of manual face and neck rejuvenation in accordance with the client’s individual facial structure and signs of aging.

Each square centimetre of our skin has more than 1000 nerve endings, and our nervous system MUST process EACH sensory touch. So, massage directly works with whole nervous system. Soft and deep massage movements, pressing reflexology points and areas as well as handling trigger points on the face, neck and shoulders can help to balance whole body health and can help the client to achieve deep relaxation.

Please check all contraindications HERE.

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Facial cupping massage

Gentle vacuum cup massage is an effective capillary therapy that promotes the healing of the entire capillary network of the face and neck. This procedure improves skin tone and condition, reduces fine lines, restores and smooths the subcutaneous fat layer, promotes facial modelling. 

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Facial stone massage

Modelling massage with natural stone helps to activate blood supply of the skin, aids lymphatic drainage and facial muscle relaxation. Helps skin to look smoother and brighter.

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Intraoral-buccal massage

Reasons for facial aesthetic imperfections may lie in deep muscles, fascial and fat layers under the skin and can only be reached through the oral cavity. The aim of this procedure is to find and eliminate facial muscle hypertension, unhealthy hardening of the subcutaneous fat layers, swelling areas and tissue fibrosis. This treatment results in visual correction of the face and improvement of the condition of the problem areas.


Facial Kinesio taping

Application of the Kinesio tapes after the massage procedure helps to prolong the effect. Tapes can be applied to facilitate lymphatic drainage, to relieve muscle or ligament tension, and to reduce wrinkles caused by muscular mimic patterns.

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